I’m the very proud owner of a Godin LGXT guitar. This is the most beautiful guitar I have ever played....you strike a note and you can feel it resonating through the whole guitar, its incredible, especially when you get in to ‘the zone’. Years ago I played in a band and we toured around various parts of Europe, released a few CDs and recorded at PUK studios in Denmark under the production of John Ravenhall. These days, I produce and record my own music primarily using Logic Pro 8. A couple of demo tracks can be downloaded here. Respectful thanks go to Dusty Hughes for his awesome vocal take and indeed his lyrical creativity on the track Like A Child. Note that the instrumentals are reflective of my oldest stuff so some of the mixing and production -- and the song names themselves even -- are reflectively crap. I was still learning how to record back then, in fact I’m still learning now...

Like A Child (2008)
Dawn (instrumental) (2000)
Evolving Soul (instrumental) (2001)
Urban Spirit (instrumental) (1999)
Finale (Instrumental) (2000)